News Tiles
Your Social Headline Radiator
News Tiles is a news aggregator that presents large amounts of news a format that is easy to consume. It allows you to search for news about any topic and create collections of feeds tailored towards your interests.
Search Anything
Search for news on any topic and add them to your dashboard. Pick the region and language you want to search for your news in. Or type in the URL of any RSS feed.
Enjoy the Presentation
Tap on a news feed and you will be presented with a board of news articles related to your feed.
Ready for the next topic? Jump back to the main board to select another feed or simply swipe to the left or right.
News - Without the Clutter
Tap on an article and it will be displayed in a mobile friendly format, like Safari reader. You can always see the original article by seleting the reader button in the top right.
Have your hands full? Press the play button to have Siri read you the article.
Find an awesome article? Post it on your favorite social site or bookmark it for later.
Stay in the Loop
Subscribe to notifications to receive alerts when new articles related to your feeds are found. These will appear both in the app and in Notification Center.
Quickly change your notification preferences by selecting the settings button in the upper right on the notifications view.
Personalized for you
Get personalized news about your current location. There's no better way to now what's happening near you right now.
News Tiles can also pick out the top news stories based on your dashboard, so you can easily seen what's most important at a glance.